A great fraternity needs great alumni and the Beta-Sigma Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon has been graced with some of the best and most dedicated alumni in all of TKE Nation. Ultimately, undergraduates are the members who will make or break TKE at USC. Their individual and group choices are what matter the most. But alumni have a tremendous influence over the environment in which these decisions are made. And at Beta-Sigma TKE, Alumni have stepped up consistently to create a foundation for success.

The Beta-Sigma Alumni Association

The Beta Sigma Alumni Association is the official and internationally recognized alumni organization for the Beta-Sigma Chapter’s more than 1700 alumni members.  The Association sponsors events throughout the year including the TKETent football tailgates and the Fraternity for Life BBQ and Open House.  The Association has been in operation for 30 years.

Scorpion Benefit Corporation | Board of Advisors

The Scorpion Benefit Corporation is the corporation that owns and operates the chapter’s two adjacent properties and houses.  A Board of Trustees comprised of 10 established and well-respected Beta-Sigma alumni administers Scorpion Benefit Corporation.  The same core volunteer leadership has remained consistent on the board for almost 30 years.