Spring 2023 Rush

Rush will take place from January 6th-14th, 2023.  Register for rush here.

High Level Schedule – Details Coming Soon:

Friday and Saturday, January 6th and 7th: Kickoff and Round 1 House Tours
Sunday, January 8th: Round 2 House Tours
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, January 10th-12th: Rush Events TBD  by invitation
Friday, January 13th: Blue Chip Dinner
Saturday, January 14th: Bid Day

Take a virtual tour of the TKE Houses here.

Typical Events Include:

House Tours: An opportunity to see our TKE fraternity houses and meet our members.

Rush Events: Rushees are invited back to the house for off campus special rush related events.

Blue Chip: Following Off-Campus Events, Select Rushees will be invited to a Blue Chip Dinner. A Blue Chip Dinner is a meal hosted by TKE.

Bid Day: Rushees will get their bids from IFC and become new members at their respective houses!