Fall 2021 Rush

Rush begins August 19, 2021 and ends August 28, 2021:

Thursday, 8/19: Recruitment Kick-Off (Zoom)
Friday, 8/20: House Tours, Round 1
Saturday, 8/21: House Tours, Round 2
Sunday, 8/22: Open House Tours
Wednesday, 8/25: Off-Campus Event, Round 1
Thursday, 8/26: Off-Campus Event, Round 2
Friday, 8/27: Blue Chip Dinner
Saturday, 8/28: Bid Day

Make sure to register here. Take a virtual tour of the TKE Houses here.

House Tours: An opportunity to see our TKE fraternity houses and meet our members. Houses will be split 7 & 7 on Friday & Saturday

Open House Tours: After Friday and Saturday House Tours, Rushees will cut down to seven houses. They will then be able to freely allocate their time between those seven houses

Off-Campus Events: After Open House Tours, Rushees will then cut down to their top 2 fraternities. Rushees will then join their top two fraternities, one each night, for an off-campus event.

Blue Chip: Following Off-Campus Events, Rushees will be invited to a Blue Chip Dinner. A Blue Chip Dinner is a meal hosted by a fraternity at a Los Angeles restaurant.

Bid Day: Rushees will get their bids from IFC and become new members at their respective houses!