Summer 2017

Work on the TKE Houses started early this year with the complete renovation of the Oak Staircase in the TKE West foyer.

Staircase Renovation 1

Workers spent the entire Christmas break sanding, repairing, and staining.

Staircase Renovation 7

Extensive repairs were made to the upstairs rail.  Over the years several posts had been broken.  It now looks incredible.  Jeff Herle’s signature phrase pops off the white wall.

Staircase Renovation 3

Even the bench was repaired and refinished.  This project preserves an important part of our history.  The Scorpion Club Founding Fathers are proud. Big thanks to the TKE Tent Committee for their generous contribution to this project.

Stairacase and TKE Tent Plaque

Original hard white oak chapter door is also installed thanks to the TKE Parents Club.

New White Oak Door and Parents Club Plaque

At the start of summer we closed the TKE West Library for it’s second round of upgrades.  White oak paneling is being installed on the walls.  The paneling will be stained to match the staircase.

TKE Library Wood Paneling 2017

Selected walls, which were painted leather brown in summer 2015, are now being paneled over.  The brown paint was a placeholder, and now areas like our “Wall of Legends” will be completed with white oak.

TKE Library Wall of Legends 2017

Here is a view of the wall next to the sliding oak door, which was completed restored in summer 2015.  The small door on the left is the door to the ritual closet.  It will also be paneled.

TKE Library Door 2017

The installation of wood a coffered ceiling completes the upgrades and will make the TKE West Library a real showcase.

TKE Library Ceiling 2017

Another angle of the ceiling. Protective plastic covers the white walls, composites, awards, and stained glass.

TKE Library Ceiling2 2017

More detail is added to the wood paneling.  Everyone is eagerly anticipating what it will look like after it’s stained.

TKE USC Library Wall Wood Detail 1

Another angle showing the intricate chair rail / wall molding at the top of the wall paneling.

TKE USC Library Wall Wood Detail 2

The TKE West Library is finished and it looks amazing.  Here is a view facing North.  Note the ceiling.

Here is a view looking West.

View looking East including the original, restored hard white oak door.

And finally the soon to be launched “Wall of Legends” facing South.