Summer 2016

Instead of one big project, work around the TKE Houses this summer has been several smaller, yet impactful improvements.  The back of TKE West has had a long history of murals and artwork over the years. In the 1980’s there was the infamous “graffiti-esque” mural painted by Beta-Sigma’s own Kenji Sweeney who was fresh off the tough streets of San Diego.  In the 1990’s the mural was changed and enlarged, but kept it’s street art style.  A few year’s ago we repainted TKE West and this summer a Hollywood scenic artist is creating a new impressive graphic design. Work in progress below.

TKE Mural

A few weeks later the mural is almost done.

TKE Beta-Sigma Mural Part 2

Before we got the new TKE Triangle LED sign in the front of TKE West, we used to have a red TKE block letters neon sign.  That sign came down in the summer of 2014 and has been in storage.  This summer we dusted off the old sign, fixed it up, and decided to put it on the back off TKE West overlooking the compound backyard. First the sign was hoisted onto the roof.

TKE Letters Sign Hoisted

As you can see in the photo below we are attaching the sign to the highest point of TKE West. The sign is being attached upside down and will then be flipped over and into place.

TKE Letters Sign Attached

The neon TKE letters sign is now in place on the back of the house.  It will turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn, and will shine down on many events for years to come.

TKE Letters Sign Done

The new sign is so high you can see it from the AAA building.

TKE Letters Sign Visible

In TKE East, party room 2 is being improved. The old painted concrete flooring has been scraped and removed in preparation for tile.

Bar is Moved

Tile matching the rest of downstairs TKE East is laid.

New Tile

The tile is done and room is put back together again.  Notice the seamless tile work from party room 1 to party room 2.

Tile Finished 1

Another angle.

Tile Finished 2

Partitions are added on the back wall next to the restroom doors.

Partitions Added

One of the projects we are most proud of is the installation of a wheelchair lift on the side entrance of TKE West.  The lift will make TKE West downstairs accessible. A huge crate arrives with the lift parts and materials.

Lift Crate Arrives

The two largest parts of the lift are removed from the crate and places near the back of the house.

Lift Parts

Next, the area where we are going to install the lift must be prepared.  This is a bigger job then you might think.  We have removed the side deck and stairs and will need to rebuild it once the lift is installed.  The hot water heater has been relocated to make room for the lift.  We took this opportunity to replace the old hot water heater with a new one. Lots of concrete work is required.  In the photo below you can see us preparing to make a perfectly level pad for the equipment.

Preparing Lift Area

The old kitchen windows are being removed and will be replaced with new ones. Hopefully less prone to be smashed by basketballs.

Kitchen Windows

The kitchen and downstairs bathroom windows have been replaced. One window was completely removed.

Back Windows

New windows have been installed in the small kitchen as well.  We are ready for stucco work.

Windows on Side

The side door deck is being rebuilt.  The frame is engineered to hold up to 2,000 pounds.

Deck Posts

The deck is finished.

Deck Finished

The lift is installed and ready to go one day before the start of rush.

Lift Installed