Summer 2014

This summer the critical life safety features and systems of TKE West were upgraded.  Improvements include a fire sprinkler system throughout the property, a  fire alarm, kitchen fire suppression system over the stove, new smoke detectors, emergency lighting, upgraded electrical panels, and rewiring.  In addition to the important upgrades, we were also fortunate enough to add air conditioning and heat in every room.

The first thing we had to do was demolish most of the walls, floors, and ceilings in the upstairs of TKE West. Here are rooms 5 and 6.

Demo walls and floors rooms 5 and 6

Next we added much needed insulation. Here is room 1 with the beautiful view of the cheese-grater.

Insulation Room 1

In this shot of room 8, you can see the new electrical wiring and a space above the window for the HVAC unit.

Room 8 HVAC and Electrical

The upstairs hallway gets a fire sprinkler system and new LED recessed lighting.

Hallway Can Lights

We had to rip out concrete and dig a trench in-between the houses for the 4″ water service line for the fire sprinklers.

Water Service

The walls are closed up and new flooring in installed. The TKE West interior is looking great.

TKE West Interior

Another angle. New emergency lighting and exit signs make TKE West one of the safest fraternities at USC.

TKE West Interior Hallway

Every room gets new carpet, new closets, and new lofts (not installed yet). Note the electrical plugs high up on the walls placed for recharging the ever-present mobile phone, these are where the lofts will go.

TKE West Room 1 New Closets

Even the TKE West exterior got a make over. We replaced the rotting fascia and trellis, re-stuccoed the building, and painted the trim. A new Crest and electric TKE House Plate sign are installed.  Where are the air conditioner units you ask?  The front rooms got ductless, mini-split HVAC systems to preserve our curb appeal.

TKE West exterior remodel

And finally, here is a dramatic shot of TKE West at night showing off our new LED exterior lighting.