Board of Advisors

A Board of Advisors comprised of nine established and well-respected Beta Sigma alumni and two undergraduates.  The same core volunteer leadership has remained consistent on the board for almost 30 years.  The Board is responsible for the long term success of the chapter.  In this regard it oversees policy, finances, improvements, management, and long-term strategic planning.  The Board spearheaded the fundraising for the construction of the new three-million dollar TKE East house which opened in January 2009.

Members of the Board:

Conrad Solum, Chairman of the Board

David Bohline, Treasurer

Thomas Rule, Secretary

Erik Brannon, Communications

Mike Ranshaw, Financial Analyst

Chris Sorley, Legal Counsel

Leo Natanian, Events and Programming

Michael Nigosian, Facilities, Ritual and Historical Archives

Brad Harpur, Chapter Advisor