Fall 2010 PostcardAugust 1, 2010

Fall 2010 Postcard

The TKE Tent is Under New ManagementMarch 18, 2010

Fraters, Family and Friends,

By the end of last season, our TKE Tent was in jeopardy of completely shutting down. Last year, the tent operated at a loss (see P&L Statement link below), and costs continue to rise. Despite the disappointing figures, most of us would still agree that at some point, the Tent was one of the greatest perks of both being a TKE and being a Trojan. Like the other faithful members last year, we knew that the only way to keep the Tent afloat was to get more TKE alumni to start enjoying the Tent as much as we do. It was time to take action. That’s where we came in.

After realizing the gravity of this bad news, a few of us got together and agreed to do whatever it took to keep the Tent alive, and further, turn it into the spot that all Beta Sigma alumni, their families, friends and the actives want to tailgate at. We’ve set out to re-evaluate and re-focus every aspect of the tent in hopes of lowering dues, eliminating costs, having more fun, and getting more TKE’s…a lot more. And to do that, we need your help!

We are firm believers that the Tent is truly all of ours…we want it to be a place that we all envision ourselves socializing, eating, drinking, networking, and enjoying before each of our six home games. With that said, we knew that if had to increase participation this year, we needed to improve the tent in every way we thought possible. Therefore, the following are some of our new measures for 2010:

• Lower prices across the board;
• A pricing option for those people who don’t regularly bring a guest;
• Sponsored wine bar with pledge bartenders (still looking for beer and alcohol sponsors)
• Keeping the tent open after kickoff so those without tickets can stay, drink, and watch the game on our two flat screen TV’s;
• Live music at select games

We all know the Tent is at its best when all of our friends are there and everyone is having a great time. Of course we all wish it could be like the old days when attendance was free, everyone was smiling and we tipped the pledges’ who served the beer. Well as things change, we need to as well. It’s your Tent too. Help us make it a place that you and the people you want to be with would attend. We want your constructive opinions and ideas and we invite everyone to contact Todd Anderson or Chris Sorley to discuss. Let’s keep this great tradition alive. Come back this year. Try it out. Everyone’s invited.

Below is a copy of our 2009 P&L Statement.