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We are less than a month away from your reigning Pac-12 South Champion USC Trojans return to the Memorial Coliseum.

USC’s offense brings back a pair of 900-yard runners, its top 5 pass catchers, and the entire offensive line from a year ago. The Trojans will have 80 scholarship players, including another top-ranked recruiting class, making this year’s team the deepest team of the decade. Everyone will have to pull their weight as the Trojans have one of the most challenging schedules in the nation, featuring 11 teams that played in 2015 bowls (including 3 in New Year’s Six bowls) and 5 that were in the final AP Top 25 poll. The road will be tough in 2016 but the victory will be sweet.

On Saturday, September 10 the TKE Tent will be returning to EXPO Grass East (right in front of the Rose Garden), only steps away from the EXPO Park/USC Metro line stop. We’re upping our game with more craft beer, better food (including the much anticipated return of the IN-N-OUT truck), and more fun for you and all of your friends and family. Don’t wait… sign up today at and you’ll bypass the line at your first game.

Whether you are coming to one game, the whole season, or anything in-between, we having a pricing plan that will work for you. Check out all of your options at

If you didn’t attend a TKE Tent last season, or maybe it has been even longer, we’d love to have you back. Grab your friends, family, and leave all the tailgating supplies at home. We look forward to seeing you at the TKE Tent on Saturday, September 10 or at another game this season.


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