The TKE Tent Honors Our Fallen Members This Saturday

Scoring nine touchdowns last Saturday was an unexpected pleasure and has your Trojans geared up for a tough matchup this weekend against Stanford. While there is plenty to look forward to this Saturday, the TKE Tent will be doing so with heavy hearts.

This past calendar year the TKE Tent lost two of its most beloved members, frater Shawn Talbott and Jeff Herle.  Shawn Talbott BΣ #823 was involved with the TKE Tent since its inception in 1988. Shawn was a member of the Trojan Football team that played in the Rose Bowl and was one game away from the National Championship. Shawn’s outgoing personality was infectious and he was a TKE Tent staple that will be greatly missed.  Jeff Herle BΣ #1271 (pictured right) was a recent Young Alumni that left us much too soon. A member of the Fall of 2007 Pledge Class, Jeff was almost always smiling at the TKE Tent. His signature catch phrase, “You gotta want it”, could be heard upon entry each and every week.

This Saturday at 4:30pm (30 minutes before kickoff) the TKE Tent will be raising our glasses to our two fallen TKE Tent members. We hope you’ll join us as we remember those that we have lost.