Are you ready for some… TKE Tent?

TKE-Tent-002-1024x764If there was ever a time to be a USC TKE Tent member, this might be the year. Our bowl ban has passed, our recruiting class is top notch and due to some tough sanctions at Penn State,we now have one of the nation’s best running backs. Everything is coming together for a potentially unbelievable 2012 USC Football Season. Did we mention that there might be also be a Heisman Trophy added to Heritage Hall?

If you are excited for the USC Football Season, you should be even more excited about the 2012 TKE Tent. We’ve surveyed, brainstormed and are now getting everything together for what should be the best TKE Tentever.

We are excited to announce that we will be staying in the same posh location that we were in 2011 (for those of you who haven’t been there before, we are only steps away from campus, in front of the Rose Garden). Be on the lookout for seasonal and early bird drink specials, games, more tables and chairs, expanded catering, and great college football on TV.

Our membership last year was at an all-time high and even though we incurred increased costs this season, your TKE Tent membership price will remain the same!!! So if you are only coming to one game, the whole season or anywhere in-between, we have a pricing plan that will work for you. We’ve also added a TKE TentHome Game Sponsorship Package that includes, admission, parking, signage, cocktail choice and more. Beer, location and catering orders are being made and vendors are in need of deposit checks, so we need you to SIGN UP TODAY!

We are bringing the TKE Tent back to the prominence that it once was and look forward to furthering the tradition along with you. You, your friends and your family are the key to ensuring that we can continue this tailgate for the 2012 season. Please click this link and SIGN UP TODAY!

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday, September 1st.

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