TKE Tent Recruiting News

Today is a good day to be a Trojan! Despite our less than stellar 2010 record, current NCAA appeal, loss of scholarships and bowl ban, ESPN has our recruiting class currently ranked as number 4 in the nation. Word must have gotten out how well we tailgate!!!

The TKE tent has also picked up a five-star recruit for it’s organizing team, from the 2010 class, Theo Constantouros. BΣ1242 will be looking to increase membership of recent TKE alumni while pledging his support to the organizing committee along with veterans: Todd, Chris, Alex, Jon and Trevor. All of us are already getting the ball rolling on the 2011 season and things are looking great.

A reminder that season tickets for the 2011 season are on sale today. We have SEVEN home games this year (first time since 2000). So if you’ve been a season ticket holder, I’m sure you are well aware. To those that come to each game looking for tickets and never knew that season tickets were available, this is your warning. We are only a mere 211 days away from the kickoff against Minnesota and it is time to get tickets and start getting revved-up.

Before we charge forward into 2011 we wanted to take a moment to wrap up 2010. By all accounts the TKE tent was a resounding success! Our success is measured, a great deal, by the fact that we closed out the season without any of us having to float a check. Although we tried to pull enough money to recruit Cam Newton to transfer, sit out a year and join the Trojans for his senior season, we ended up balancing the books and ending the season in the black (with just enough to send small thank you gifts to our sponsors).

Thanks to your continued support, The Tent was able to survive, and in surviving able to relish in the strong tradition that no other house on the row can match. All of us who have taken the reigns of this new generation of the tent, have been truly overwhelmed by the positive feedback that so many of the guys who participated this year have passed on. Our primary focus since day one has been to keep the tent strong and viable.  An invigorated Tent ensures that in years to come new actives can still connect with alumni, family’s will have a place to tailgate and old friends will continue to have a place to meet up on 6 Saturdays a year (7 in 2011). This year was a success in that, we all had a great time AND we are excited to announce that we will be back in 2011.

We are committed to continuing to improve this unique tradition so that hopefully, long after we pass the reigns on to the next group, The Tent will be stronger than ever. To all of you who participated in any way in 2010, Thank You, we could not have done it without you. To those of you who haven’t yet joined us, we really do look forward to raising a glass with you in 2011. It’s been a lot of fun and we look forward to even more in 211 days.