Alumni Support is the Game ChangerSupport

Alumni support for the Beta-Sigma Chapter has been the game changer for TKE at USC.  It has enabled us to build a brand new house and remodel our other house making the TKE compound the newest, safest, and best maintained fraternity housing at USC.  It drives our TKETent Tailgate which has become Trojan Football tradition unrivaled by any other fraternity on campus and our annual Open House and BBQ.  And now it is creating a financial legacy of named scholarships that will ensure that the best men can afford to join TKE.

How can you support the Beta-Sigma Chapter?

  1. Give to the Annual Fund which pays for our newsletters, alumni communications, chapter retreats, and Open House BBQ. You can donate to the annual fund here.
  2. Attend the TKETent Tailgate. Join now here.  Come to the Fraternity for Life Open House and BBQ.  Reserve your spot here.  Invite your friends and family.
  3. Make a tax deductible donation to the Building Fund here. Tax deductible donations to the Beta-Sigma building fund help us pay down our loans, renovate our properties, and save for future projects.
  4. Make a tax deductible donation to our Named Scholarships or create your own named scholarship. Our named scholarships grant yearly awards to the members of Beta-Sigma helping them with the costs of dues and housing.  Links to the Herle Scholarship, Woodson RLC Scholarship, and Jansen Scholarship.
  5. Make a non-tax deducible donation to the Conrad and Alli Solum Scholarship for Beta-Sigma which grants a annual award to a key leader of the Chapter.

You can donate cash or securities of any kind.  We can also help you to make Beta-Sigma a part of your legacy gift or estate planning.  Please contact David Bohline at