What is TKE?

TKE is short for Tau Kappa Epsilon, a college social fraternity with more than 250 chapters throughout the United States and Canada.   A college fraternity is a group of young men who choose to associate together in a brotherhood.  TKE’s share values that are defined in our Declaration of Principles and we strive to integrate Love, Charity and Esteem into our daily lives.  By fostering lifelong friendships, and enhancing interpersonal, academic, and professional success we build better men for a better world.

TKE at USC is a part of a larger group of fraternities and sororities (social fraternities for women) known as the Greek community, which is recognized by USC as a valuable, contributing part of the Trojan family.  There is an Office of Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Development with full time staff that supports the Greek community.

Members of TKE are bonded together through shared values, experiences, common goals, hard work, and good times together.  TKE creates lifelong friendships and opportunities for collaboration between accomplished and motivated young men.