TKE During Covid

On May 18, 2020 TKE Fraternity at USC announced it would be open and operational for the 2020-2021 academic school year regardless of how USC conducted classes and learning.  So while USC had to close campus and conduct classes online, TKE remains open offering housing, food service, cleaning service, live-in management and most importantly a place where college aged men can be together, in person, sharing life and having fun as brothers in a fraternal bond.

Our Chapter Leadership and Alumni Board of Advisors created a plan for how TKE would stay open safely.  Our plan includes the following:

Oversight of all operations and protocols by our live-in House Director. We are the only fraternity with a House Director at USC and she has been instrumental in establishing and refining our cleaning and safety procedures for eight years.

A deep cleaning and sanitization of all rooms, kitchen and common areas during our 14 day shutdown period between summer move out and the Fall move-in. During this period all members and personal items are removed from the houses.

Expansion of our five day a week cleaning and sanitization service to seven days a week for the entire 2020-2021 school year. We are the only fraternity that uses professional cleaning services every day and have already developed detailed protocols for sanitizing door handles, bathrooms and other highly trafficked areas.

Working closely with our catering company to develop a detailed food service safety plan.

Providing important supplies such as soap, hand-sanitizer, paper towels, and toilet paper to our members in common areas.  To do this we built a six-month stockpile of the following essential supplies:

  • 648 rolls toilet paper
  • 32 cases of paper towel rolls
  • 21 144oz bottles of pine sol multi-surface cleaner
  • 15 121oz bottles of germicidal bleach
  • 12 cases hand sanitizer
  • 300 sets of gloves (for employees)
  • 200 face masks (for employees)
  • 36 face shields (for employees)

Working closely with USC to understand and identify important services available to our members. USC continues student health care services and provides isolation housing for students that might be infected.  That means that if one of our members does get infected, they are removed from the property and moved into USC isolation housing which as of today is the USC Hotel.

The appointment of Covid Risk Managers who are responsible for the following:

  • Wellness and the practice of safety measures among members
  • The practice of safety measures and physical distancing guidelines during meetings and gatherings.
  • Implementation and management of guest policies and social gatherings – only if and when permitted.
  • Ensuring that infected members leave the properties for USC isolation housing and that uninfected roommates quarantine.
  • Tracking and reporting on the status of infected members, their date of diagnosis, date of leaving the property, and health status. Sharing this information with the House Director and Alumni Advisors.

TKE believes that we are uniquely positioned to operate safely during this period due to our policies, procedures, systems and support that we have developed over the last decade.  We also believe that fraternity is an equally important and equally valuable part of the college experience for our members.  And our decision to remain open is substantially based on our desire to not deprive our members of this once in a lifetime experience that has a profound effect on the rest of their lives.