TKE Move-In Process Begins – Updates

TKE Members and Parents,

Our annual property turn-over process started yesterday and is going well.  Everyone has moved out.  All rooms and common areas are being cleared for maintenance, repairs, and deep cleaning.   The kitchen, dining room, and library were deep cleaned, disinfected, and locked up before the move-out date.  Move-in day is Monday, August 14th at 10am.  Here is a detailed run-down of what we are doing between now and move-in:

Clear all stuff from rooms and common areas.
Haul away all unwanted stuff and trash.
Electrician inspection of all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
Replace all broken missing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
Replace all smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries.
Test all lights and switches, replace bulbs and switches as needed.
Test all electrical outlets, replace broken outlets, and covers as needed.
Replace all HVAC thermostat batteries.
Patching and spot painting of rooms as needed.
Clean all rooms and surfaces with pine sol multi-surface cleaner.
Empty, clean and sanitize all room refrigerators.
Steam cleaning/sanitizing of all room floors and carpets.
Deep clean and sanitize all common area bathrooms.
Spray for pests.
Final pass spray/sanitization of all surfaces.
Disinfectant fogging of all rooms.

A video message from Board of Advisors Member Tom Rule and House Director Lee Snider (who was camera shy):

Undergraduate Executive Board and the Alumni Board of Advisors
Beta-Sigma Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity
University of Southern California