Covid19 Plan Updates

TKE Members and Parents:

We are continuing to develop and enhance our Covid19 Plan for TKE operations this Fall semester. We want to to thank all of you who have provided feedback and ideas. Here are the highlights of the updates:

1. We experienced our first case of a member infection. The member is fine and experienced almost no symptoms. After diagnosis he was admitted into the USC Hotel for a period of isolation under USC Health Center direction. His room was cleaned and disinfected after a 72 hour vacant period and he has since moved back into his room. All-in-all both the USC and TKE Covid protocols worked well.

2. We have now purchased and received our entire stockpile of supplies. They are secured in board storage.

3. We are exploring expanding our cleaning service from 5 days a week to 7 days a week.

4. The chapter will be appointing Covid Risk Managers who will oversee many aspects of our Covd19 Policy, including being responsible for daily wellness checks of members through either the Trojan Check app or a temperature reading.

5. We have clarified that a Meeting or Gathering is a member only event related to fraternity operations or brotherhood. It is not a social event.

6. We have started developing a Guest Policy and a Social Gathering Policy, although these policies are pending, subject to change and not yet approved. We will most likely wait until move-in day before finalizing these policies.

7. We have enhanced our resident infection plan based on our recent experience. This includes designating one Unit in TKE East (with a connected private bathroom as our quarantine room for the entire Fall semester.

8. We have added guidance as to how members should sleep in their rooms to ensure maximum distance from one another. There are no rooms with more than three members this Fall semester and all loft bed configurations allow for at least six feet of distance.

9. We had a surprise visit from the LA County Health Department. During the visit they met with our House Director and were impressed with our preparation, policies, and the condition of the properties.

We will continue to update everyone as things develop.  Read the entire updated plan here.

Undergraduate Executive Board and the Alumni Board of Advisors
Beta-Sigma Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity
University of Southern California